Schindler 's List And A Real Man Essay

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Under extreme pressure and heat, even the seemingly unyielding rock capitulates and metamorphosizes into something different. In such extreme conditions, diamonds form, shimmering pinpricks of light born when black carbon transforms and adapts to the conditions. People too, adapt to adverse situations, although circumstance determines whether they are like a diamond, or just another stone. Oskar Schindler, both a character in Schindler’s List and a real man, finds himself in the midst of World War II, arguably the most trying times in human history. In 1939, right as Poland falls to the German blitzkrieg, Schindler decides to open an enamelware factory, and, throughout his trials as an entrepreneur and later successful factory owner, suffering and death begin to mold his character. In the movie Schindler’s List by Steven Spielberg, as Schindler observes the Nazis slaughtering the Jews in Krakow, Poland, his character morphs from a greedy, self-centered, uncompassionate man, into a kind, selfless, generous man who, in the face of suffering and death works to counteract the very forces that force him to change. Nothing starts out perfectly, and Schindler does not break that rule. At the very beginning while Schindler sets the groundwork for his factory, Spielberg depicts Schindler as a suave, charismatic man who quickly worms his way into the good graces of high ranking officials in the Nazi Party with his silver tongue and seemingly generous distribution of gifts. However,…

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