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Scenario A- Hey i 'm Dolly i 'm 17 and has recently started a sexual relationship with my boyfriend Johnny who is 2 years older. I know that he has had sex with a couple of girls in the past and I would like him to get checked for STIs to make sure that everything 's safe. I also want to feel confident and secure in my relationship with Johnny and hope that we can communicate effectively about anything that is worrying the us.

Hey Dolly,a relevant strategy for your situation is that you need to understand you have a right in this relationship to express your feelings freely and honestly by talking to Johnny face to face and be totally honest and upfront with him. It is his responsibility to respect your feeling and your honesty and respond
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Your responsibility is to allow him to make his own decisions without feeling he has been forced into having a check you should put it to him that an STI check doesn 't hurt and that you will still help him and support him if he does have a STI and try get it under control with medication or just by wearing condoms. This strategy is health enhancing because if he does get the STI check with the decision made by himself and it comes back negative …show more content…
Some contraceptive methods for you to take or do to prevent pregnancy is the contraceptive pill or “the pill” this is a pill that has a combination of hormones to prevent ovulation ( the release of an egg during the monthly cycle) a woman cannot get pregnant if she doesn 't ovulate because there is no egg to be fertilized.There is only a 1-3% chance of getting pregnant whist on this pill and it is simple and easy to take. This pill is available at your doctor 's.Another way of contraception is a diaphragm this is a shallow dome shaped cup that fits inside the vaginsa eacht inme you have sex. It works by covering your cervix and stops sperm from reaching an egg, the spermicide kills the sperm that is entering the vagina. This is available at your

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