Scared Straight Proposal

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Gina Bale
Article Review II
The Scared Straight program is arranged to hinder juvenile participants from further criminal offenses. Teenagers visiting the inmates watch prison life unfold while communication with the problematic offenders. Inmates portray severe surroundings in jail towards the juveniles. The predicted result is to change the attitude of youth by scaring and horrifying them from becoming involved in future delinquent behavior. The controversial issue being discussed now, is whether or not the Scared Straight program is really deterring juvenile offenders from crime.
2. The author's thesis (what is he or she trying to discover)?
The author’s, Anthony Petrosino, Carolyn Turpin-Petrosino
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The seven agencies had responsibilities that fell under the categories of criminal justice, education, public health, community affairs and drug prevention. Facilities members claim they did not need to evaluate their programs because they knew they worked. They stated “We know they’re not harming anyone” and “If the program helps single child it’s worth it”. A program can have a positive effect on one child but leave the rest with negative outcomes. Finckernauer suggests Scared Straight is just another program trying to help teenage delinquents but is going about it the wrong way. Scared Straight leads to more crime in communities. In the 1970’s inmates serving for life at the New Jersey prison, helped manage a Juvenile Awareness Program to help future delinquent teenagers from a criminal future. Teenagers were brought to Rahway State Prison to experience prison life. The theory behind the Scared Straight Program was Deterrence, it was thought to change young teenager’s minds from breaking laws because they would not want to experience what the inmates are already experiencing. Although, the program was tense it was not effective in reducing criminal

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