Scaffold Plank Incident Case Study

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Vishal Habib (@03278705), Kuttanda Akash (@03279188), Anusha Rao (@03279390), Sumant Kumar (03278679), Kushal Babu Reddy (@03278645)

Scaffold Plank incident
Bob Hopkins is an employee of White Lumber Company. The payment term were not specifically amounted to Bob. There was no exact salary value settled up as a salesperson, rather he would get incentive based compensation. Bob’s partner Stan enquired whether there is any customer to sign the purchase agreement for the 16 feet long scaffold plank. The problem arises when Bob sees his name written in the sales order for 3 x 12s to quality lumber. This made him angry as he was aware that the product required was not the same as what they were supplying. Bob wanted to talk the customer regarding
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In this case the White lumber company will add a clause in its invoice stating that the plank sold by the company cannot be used as scaffold plank as it is not strong enough. And also, if any accident happens because of not following the terms of the product then the White lumber company will not be liable to it. This alternative will put the White lumber company on safe side if any accident happens at client site or if there will be any legal and regulatory investigation on the company’s clients. It will also help the White lumber company to achieve its fiscal target by generating more revenue and there will not be any operational …show more content…
The terms and conditions for the use of product will clarify that the normal plank which White lumber sells cannot be used as a Scaffold plank. I cannot quit White lumber company in such a short span of time because the work experience with White lumber will raise question on my consistency. I cannot even make the sale happen without terms mentioned for the use of plank, because selling without terms might cause a legal problem for the company in the future if any accidents occur in client’s place because of our plank. I cannot even refuse to sell because we would lose a customer with whom we have been on good terms since many

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