Bullying Saving Kids

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Saving Kids From the Effects of Bullying

Children should feel comfortable going to school, seeing it as a safe place to learn and not have to worry about being picked on, harassed or bullied. The issues of kids being bullied have been around for many years, although it has gotten worse over the past 5 years with the growing technology and use of social media sites. According to a study by the Family and Work Institute, as reported by the National Crime Prevention Council’s website on bullying, about one-third of children are bullied at least once a month (Lee par. 15). I have seen first-hand the effects it can have on a victim and how this particular victim’s high school employees failed to help in the situation to make this young lady feel
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The negative effects it causes can be avoided if more policies, awareness programs, prevention programs, and open communication lines are available in the home and schools. Students may suffer from forms of depression when they are bullied and they feel like there is no one they can talk too for help. They can become withdrawn from their school work, start failing their courses or stop going to school all together. Their self-esteem gets lower and lower making the child want to just disappear. The victim may resort to hurting themselves, having suicidal thoughts or fully committing suicide if they feel it is the only way to stop dealing with the bully altogether. These are some of the warning signs and effects parents and teachers need to take notice of. In 2010, 15-year-old Phoebe Prince in Massachusetts and 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, a student in the New York area both committed suicide after having been bullied along with other suicides this brought the issue to the forefront. These suicides prompted the president and first lady to hold a bullying prevention conference and to create the stopbullying.gov website with resources for students, parents, and teachers on the issue. Other resource groups and websites like this one have been started to help bring awareness and find ways to stop bullying. Some schools have changed their curricula, teaching strategies and methodologies, and added new types of lessons plans to deal with the issue along with the Zero Tolerance policies they have added (Simplicio par. 24). Some people may think bullying only effects the victim, however this is not the case. Bullies that continue this behavior and never get the help they need and counseling to find out the inner problems they have may continue treating people this way throughout their adult life. This is a huge issues that needs to be stopped or

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