Sandra Cisneros 's The House On Mango Street Essay

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Sandra Cisneros is a Mexican American short story writer, essayist, and poet. Cisneros first novel, "The House on Mango Street," has sold anywhere between 2 million to 5 million copies since1984. Ever since the book was written there has been a downpour of interest and recognition, for her talent. She opened doors for this second generation of Hispanic writers. In the beginning of her career “Critics questioned if her work was prose, poetry or memoir? Critics also questioned, was its audience adult or adolescent? What was to be made of its feminism, its preoccupation with love, oppression and religion?” (Rutten, 2002). Ultimately what brought Cisneros ' work into the spotlight was the understanding that most of what she writes about is actually a testimony of real events. (Rutten, 2002). This paper is about her personal experiences, and the time period as it pertains to her life and writing, as well as Political, Religious, and social issues that affected her lifestyle and work. And of course her many books which have made her a success.
Sandra Cisneros was born in Chicago in 1954, the only daughter in a family of seven children. It must have been difficult for her growing up in a household where brothers tend to be overly protective of their sisters, in the traditional Hispanic family. The Cisneros family migrated frequently between Chicago and Mexico to visit relatives, and usually stayed with the paternal grandmother while in Mexico and often settling in a…

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