Samuel D. Hunter 's The Whale Essay

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Samuel D. Hunter’s The Whale depicts the story of Charlie, a gay and obese man. As he realizes that his time is limited, he attempts to reconcile with his daughter. However, he is bounded to a couch in a tiny living room and requires the help of Liz, his only friend. This play dabbles in the realms of homophobia, mental health, and religion. All these elements appear to show how Charlie 's in the situation that he 's in. Also, changing the perspective that the audience views all the characters, as they possess aspects to the individual character that the audience can relate to, even though they might not fit in the societal norm.
Charlie, an English professor who exclusively teaches online courses is bounded to his couch through excessive eating. This behavior stemmed from the loss of his partner, Alan, and from that Charlie’s diet had left him handicapped to his couch, and it would seem that his mental, and physical state parallel one another as he avoids showing his face to the outside world finding comfort within the white walls of his apartment. Charlie is a metaphor for the conflict between homosexuality and the Mormon faith. He lives a “Same shit different day,” lifestyle, until his health begins to deteriorate, and realizes he must reconcile with his estranged daughter. Now he has the motivation and uses writing to get through to his daughter just like he does to his students. Ellie, however, is reluctant to listen to her estranged father, and Charlie is forced to use…

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