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Sam's Club – Stack it high and sell it cheap!

Written by Clayton J. Macy

Sam's Club – A Cathedral of Consumption

Sam's Club, is most certainly, a cathedral of consumption. Sam's Club has contributed to individuals consuming far more than they need to consume. It has become a place of hyper-consumption and their great size is enchanting to many shoppers. Thus going to Sam's Club has become a "family outing" for some people. Above all, Sam's Club is an evolution on a scale that is easy to examine. First, people purchase needed items at a town fair, then the mom and pop grocery store, and finally they venture to the local super market. But unlike the others, Sam's Club is Brontosaurus and T-Rex combined, consuming all in its
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Sam's Club is the American way, home to the entire spectrum of Americans. From those making 18,000 a year to those pulling down six or even seven figure incomes. I can instantly sense when I am in a home equipped by Sam's Club. Most of their food is in bulk, or "surplus" containers, and their floors are covered with Sam's "some assembly required" furniture.

As Americans we should recognize this growing trend of gigantic goods and put an end to that "consumer-saurus" which is rapidly devouring our mom and pop businesses, that which is Sam's Club. As I venture through the isles filled with mega sized products, I often wonder, who in their right mind would ever be able to eat 35 pounds of chicken strips before they rotted in the freezer, that is of course if they fit in the freezer.

For the most part, Sam's Club amazes me. This is because, when I see the huge sliding doors and security at the entrance, I think I must be entering a top-secret establishment. I begin to wonder if I will ever be let out again. Of course, after five minutes inside the massive store, survival does not become the most important issue. Rather, it is the possibilities that arise with 100,000 tortilla chips at my fingertips. Even more overwhelming is the prospect that there is 1000 gallons of salsa to go with all those chips. In Sam's Club you can eat a foot long sausage dog at their snack bar and then go inside and wash it

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