Sample Resume : A Good Morning Essay

1782 Words Dec 30th, 2015 null Page
Good afternoon,
I have been advised by Veronica from the Executive Office in Houston, Texas that I should send my request for the “Routing Number and Account Number” of the joint high school account in the names of Sean P. McDermott (son) and Robert D. McDermott (father) that Chase Bank closed through the online secure mail system on October 5, 2015. The account that I am requesting this information on was unexpectingly closed by Chase. Since both of my deposit accounts were in good standing, the closure came as a complete surprise to me. Both of my deposit accounts were paperless so I was unable to look at an old statement and get the “Routing Number and Account Number” information before my automated access to these deposit accounts was taken away. After speaking to numerous employees at Chase as to why my accounts were closed, none were able to give me a reason.
Since that time my inquiries were forwarded to Ms. Jocelyn Rodriguez in the same Executive Office as Veronica (Ms. Rodriguez is on vacation this week which is why Veronica is helping me). Ms. Rodriguez told me that she was my point of contact at Chase going forward. At that time, I asked Ms. Rodriguez if she could tell me why both my deposit accounts were closed despite the fact that they were always in good standing and despite what the letter on October 5th when I was notified by Mr. Nanda Srinivasan which stated, “We recently noticed unusual activity on your account or we haven’t received information we…

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