Same Sex Marriage Is A Controversial Topic Essay

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Same-sex marriage is a highly controversial topic of discussion spreading from communities to parliaments and governments, and has become increasingly recognised all around the world over the past few years. Since 2001, many countries have passed bills to legalise same sex unions and provide them with equal rights, and then years later have fully legalised gay marriage, the first being The Netherlands (2001), however Australia is not one of those countries. Gay marriage and obtaining equal rights for same-sex couples has been drifting around the Australian parliament for years, with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (2007-2010, 2013) promising action within 100 days of the election date if re-elected in 2013, however the Liberal Party won the election and Tony Abbott became Prime Minister.
Despite Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster being in a engaged to her partner Miss Virginia Edwards, strongly opinionated and exceptionally religious Mr Abbott still opposes same-sex marriage and has no intention of legalising anything same-sex related. Despite her brother’s obstinacy, Ms Forster has a positive outlook and believes that gay marriage will be legalised in Australia very soon, “I do think it is inevitable and I’m very optimistic that we can get a result on this before the end of the year.” She also said, “The latest polling was that 72 per cent of people are in favour and that’s a pretty significant majority and that’s a bigger majority than Ireland,” referring to the…

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