Saint Mary 's Hospital Is A Long Term Facility For Children Of All Ages

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Throughout Saint Mary’s Children hospital you can see how devoted this hospital is to their population. Saint Mary’s hospital is a long term facility for children of all ages and all different medical problems. As you first enter the hospital you will notice statues on the wall of young kids looking as if they are playing. As you continue into the lobby, the hospital has many seats of all different colors. The windows make the lobby light up and some of the windows are stained in different colors. The way the sun shines in through the lobby gives the hospital a very at home feel. While walking through the hospital you will notice by the elevator they have a mini gift shop. This gift shop shows every toy a young child would want such as: dolls, board games and arts and crafts. On the infant floor at Saint Mary’s there is a lot of things around the unit aimed at this young population. When you first walk onto this floor there are some arts and crafts located on the wall as soon as the elevator opens. These show marine animals on a shiny background cut into all different shapes. Also on the unit is another room called the great room right in the middle separating the front from the back; this room stores all the toys that an infant would play with. They have rattles, toys to assist with walking and toys that talk and sing. Also in this room is a kitchen for the families to leave food for their child or for themselves. Giving the family their own fridge to bring…

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