SWOT Analysis: Sony Company

SWOT is the apparatus to see that where association stands, which ranges obliged change , which regions obliged genuine thought , which would be the wellspring of development, which things need evasion etc. The SWOT of SONY will help to comprehend the position of SONY in the business sector.
STRENGTHS: SONY is multinational organization and perceived brand far and wide .It has effective built up in created nations as well as in creating nations.
SONY items are solid ,simple to utilize and have basic configuration which fulfill clients that is the reason SONY have the upside of having steadfast clients. SONY attempt to keep items inventive to pull in the clients and to catch more piece of the overall industry.
WEAKNESSES: The big weakness of SONY is that it Has very few competent concern for employees

OPPORTUNITIES: The electronic market is expanding rapidly which is a great opportunity for SONY to expand itself in new market and to capture more market
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• To determine the customer demands.
• Good marketing.
• Pricing policy.
• To determine the other competitors.
• To verify and test important facts.

The Marketing Research Process:
Need of Study:
No doubt SONY is doing well but now a day 's SONY is losing its popularity as compared to other company. SONY is very popular in India but not in foreign countries. That’s why there is a need of study of market strategy which help me to understand about the organization to find out the current position in market as well as the history of the

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