Rwt1 Business Ethics Essay

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Business Ethics and Efficiency

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Subject and Purpose 3
Introduction 5
Discussion 5
Ethics and Economic Efficiency 6
Organization Goodwill and Competitive Advantage 7
Risk Management and Credit Facility 9
Recommendation 9
Conclusion 10
References 12

Executive Summary
Due to increased globalization and competition in industry, organizations are facing tough challenges in the keeping their business operations sustainable and ethical so that they continue to grow and develop in a successful manner. When we talk about driving the organization towards success it is not any different from steering a car or vehicle in the right direction towards the required
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The customer of today is well aware of the facts of how unethical business practices means unhealthy products and detrimental effects not only on the health of the business but also on the environment. This has made it even more important for the organization to remain accountable and make their operations more transparent by providing the latest and current financial as well as market related data and information that will not only improve the operational efficiency of the organization, by helping it in making the right investment and other business related decisions, but will also improve its image and demand in the eyes of the consumers.

Subject and Purpose
This paper is written at the request of the CEO and Executive Board to summarize the ideas behind ethical business practices, how those ideas enhance a business environment, how their use can enhance the reputation of a business, and the ways that running an ethical business leads to an efficient and effective business. Business ethics is quite possibly the most underrated aspect of managing and leading a business today. The concepts behind the ethical practices of a business are far reaching, and they affect everything that a business does. Everyone working for a business must follow the ethical standards set forth by management in order to effectively carry out its mission.
As the Director of Ethical Standards it is my job to stay current on how our business affects the global

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