Russia And Its Characteristics, Terrain, Communication Lines And Weather

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Russia is one of the strongest nations of the world. It has a long cultural, trational and military history. After disintegration of Soviet Union, Russia has been preserving its unique cultural and traditional identity very effectively. It has progressed a lot in the fields of science and technology, defence and military, and economy using its particular strategic geographical location. In this paper we will discuss Russia’s culture, its characteristics, terrain, communication lines and weather while doing ASCOPE analysis.

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Let us discuss ‘what is culture?’ first. Culture can be defined as the shared patterns of the interactions and behaviors, emotional understanding and cognitive constructions that learned from the socialization process. all of these shared patterns help in identifying and differentiate the members of one culture group to the other. Culture can also be described as the collective programming of the cognitive behaviors that distinguish the members of one common category to the other. Culture is a formation of learned behaviors and the result of those behaviors whose characteristics are commonly shared and transformed by the member of any specific people of a similar society.

Culture is made up of different common characteristics that people share while living in a society. However, main five characteristics of every culture can be religion, language, cuisine, social habits and music and arts. In the present essay, we are discussing the Russian…

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