Rudolf Brandt: A Villain Of The Holocaust

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Nate Waters
Ms. Dixon
English II
11 November 2016
Rudolf Brandt
The air outside was crisp and hard to swallow. As he walked, the lifeless earth crunched beneath him leaving a small trace of footprints through the frost. January of 1932 carried a different feeling through the country of Germany than previous years. As it should have, considering this year and years to come would shed a light on the brutality of mankind that had seemingly been forgotten until this point. The Nazis had arrived, and unfortunately for the world, their stay would not be brief and their trace not easily erased. The question left to society was “Are you with them?’, or, “Do you have enough courage to stand against them?” Rudolf Brandt decided he was prepared to stand with the Nazi Regime during World War II. Although we look at him now as a villain in society, the acts he committed during the Holocaust would be deemed successful given his occupation. Taking a glimpse into the life of Rudolf Brandt, it is interesting to see where he came from, the consequences of his actions, and his untimely demise.
Background Information For a man born on June second of 1909, it would seem his family record is lacking in much detail. Rudolf Brandt was raised in a moderate town called Frankfurt an der Oder
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Not only was he a well educated German citizen, but was also a very accomplished Nazi soldier. His well versed education and determination in his field of law, as well as, his extracurricular activity of stenography set him in the direction to take a role of leadership in the community. Some could say he fought to the death for what he believed in. Others could say he was psychologically unwell to be able to allow this barbaric behavior to take place by his hand. All in all, Rudolf Brandt’s time on earth might have been short lived, but the consequences of his actions are still felt

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