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ENGL510 – Foundations of Professional Communication
Writing Assignment 1 – Routine Informative Message (Draft and Revision)

Also called positive/neutral informative messages or routine announcements, Routine Informative Messages are a common type of Professional Communication. To practice writing a Routine Informative Message you will write a one-page memo to employees announcing the new and revised employee education policies.
Read the scenario below and present a solution in your own words, using your own analysis. You will not use all of the information included in the scenario. Some of the information will help you understand the context and implications of the document you create but would not be included in the actual
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In addition to providing a variety of health promotion services and activities, the program will offer savings of up to $500 a year on health insurance premiums.

New Monthly Insurance Premium Rates
As you know, each year there is a small increase in health insurance premiums. Effective January 1, the new monthly rates will be as follows:
Single $75
Employee and spouse/partner $160
Employee and one child $150
Family $250

Rebates for Savings up to $500 a Year
In order to encourage healthy habits among all employees, the company will offer annual rebates on health insurance premiums, as follows:
$100 for each of the following behaviors keeping a cholesterol level below 150 not smoking or chewing tobacco not drinking to excess - more than 6 ounces of beer, 3 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of hard liquor each day not using illegal drugs
$50 for each of the following behaviors exercising at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week; this can include walking and gardening keeping a waist-to-hip ration not over 0.8 for women and 0.95 for men

Health Promotion Services
Also beginning in January, the company will also offer a variety of health promotion services throughout the year, including
Healthier options in the cafeteria
Twice-yearly health fairs that will offer routine immunizations flu shots blood pressure checks mammograms Join us as we work together to promote healthier living for all! Go to the Human

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