Essay on Routine Events And Routine Event

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People need a lawyer in one of two circumstances - 1) they are in a moment of great importance where the outcome is uncertain; or, 2) they have a routine event that probably involves (or may involve) a significant amount of money but the end is clear. This article will deal with the routine events. Routine events are important to you but you know the outcome that serves your needs. They are occurrences such as:

· Buying or selling a house

· Getting a will done

· Probating an estate

· Putting a security document in place

· Getting a promissory note done

In each case you have a good idea of what the end is and you need a lawyer to get to that end. In some cases sophisticated clients may do without a lawyer (for example, getting a promissory note or drafting a will using a will kit). In those cases the client is making the determination that they are prepared to bear the risk of the transaction not being completed correctly in return for saving the related legal fees.

In these matters the process that you will go through at the lawyer 's office is relatively straightforward and will usually be carried out by a paralegal. Your interaction with the lawyer on the file will be relatively limited unless something goes wrong. Legal fees (although there may be other costs of registrations and taxes) will be relatively low and will probably be in the hundreds. Lawyers in these areas generally do a high volume of transactions and deliver a commodity service.

The first step in…

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