Rough Draft Gta5 Sociology Review Essay

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Cumulative Paper Essay
Mario Perez
Lone Star College Montgomery
Sociology 1301
November 24, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Sociological review
Of course, us gamers are hyped for the new video game that hits shelves in a couple of days, Grand Theft Auto, that is. Grand Theft Auto is a video game that is based on real life Los Angeles, California. Many overly hyped by this video game it comes to sense that it will be one of the biggest games in history. With that being said Grand Theft Auto V also known, as GTA is probably the biggest and most life-like sandbox ever to be made. Making the point right across is that the game consist of killing, car jacking, pistol popping and drug deals that are a significant part of real life and current
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A wide variety of crime is known through the game. Crime in the game consists of killing, robbing, threatening, and drug dealing with the extreme. Crime violates a norm that has been codified into law. The game consist of Gangs in which that they are against other gangs and are widely spread in GTA throughout the map known as crews and groups. The people who are active online are recruited into a group that demands money, power and respect. Groups in GTA share some attributions, and they identify themselves by a crew color and interact with one another to accomplish a mission they pulled of together.
Furthermore, an important factor about GTAV is the player’s playground. One can create a fictional character that represents one self in real life. Character customization comes about play stage; play stage is a development of self wherein where someone can pretend to play the role of the particular or significant other. Something one cannot do in real life can do it on a personal character in a video game so they can play as another personality online even tattooing and doing just a simple piercing to show the inner personality.
To sum it up, GTAV being the most anticipated game possible in 2013 has many advantages to free roam what is known today, Los Angeles. Drug busts, killing, robbing, mugging, and doing jobs and character customization that we can

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