Rotorua Case Study

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Jade Smith. Question Three: Influences on Demand.
How do the following factors have an influence on the demands for tourism products in Rotorua?
Motivating Factors
Motivating factors have a very big influence on both international and domestic tourist wanting to visit Rotorua. The demands for the tourism products within Rotorua is what lures tourists to this area, and the surrounding areas. Rotorua is known for being situated in the middle of the North Island, and that idea alone has become interesting to tourists. Rotorua is a cultural center for all indigenous Maori people, they have lake Rotorua available for people to see which is also Rotorua 's namesake. Motivating factors have an influence on the demands for tourism products in Rotorua
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This influences the product as people may not seem interested in wanting to go, Rotorua is known as the cultural city of New Zealand and so a lot of people who will be dealing with tours, attractions and activities will either be speaking in Maori or names of the attractions may be in Maori, locals may be speaking in Maori which will affect tourists from wanting to travel to the destination as they won 't be able to understand anything.
The perceived image of Rotorua is that it smells bad, the smell almost represents rotten eggs and it is extremely off putting if you are not interested in things that smell horrible or if you 're new to the area. The reason Rotorua smells terrible is because of all the Sulphur within the city. This can put tourists off of wanting to visit Rotorua and as a result of that the influence on the demands for the tourism product in Rotorua will decrease in numbers, depending on the person and their wants and
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If prices for flights spiked up, it 'd affect the demand on the Rotorua tourism product as international and domestic travellers would no longer be interested in flying to Rotorua as they would find cheaper flights to other destinations.
In relation to attractions, events and activities tourists if prices kept going up on these things people would no longer be interested in coming to Rotorua. If they can find things cheaper elsewhere, that is where they would intend to go. If the prices of attractions, events and activities decreased it will have a positive impact on Rotorua and the tourist will have more interest in travelling to Rotorua and purchasing the product.
When people travel to different countries and/or cities, they will instantly look for accommodation if they don 't have anyone to rely on in the area. If the prices for accommodation increased this would make the tourist want to relocate as they are already paying a massive amount on the things they 're doing in this area, where as if the price decreased it would have a positive influence on the consumer wanting to purchase the product to visit

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