Roosevelt Dissolved Once Congress Declared War Essay

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In the continuation in his writing Polenberg illustrates how “many constraints that had hobbled Roosevelt dissolved once Congress declared war. Controls were no longer as politically inexpedient or the needs to placate various interests quite as important.” Roosevelt no longer needed to balance the appeasement of his constituents with the preparations for war, for they were no longer mutually exclusive. American no longer feared the unrestrained growth of federal oversight, but worried about the government being substantially prepared for the necessities of war. Though many American before 1941, had wished dearly to stay out of the hostilities, once they were involved in the war, they wanted to make sure they were able to strike back with unquestionable military, political, and economic force. When both the war in Europe and the war in the Pacific had finally come to a close, the United States found themselves in a position to create even greater economic prosperity. America’s manufacturing infrastructure had remained physically undamaged, a direct contrast to the havoc within Great Britain and other Allied nations. The U.S. had remained untouched by foreign invasions, and as a direct result, was able to operate immediately following the war without an barrage of reconstruction costs. American businesses were quick to transition back to manufacturing civilian, while both rail and shipping ports were in working condition to continue the highly profitable exports of these…

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