Homelessness And Conflict Essay

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As per conflict perspective different groups compete with each other to demonstrate

ownership for power, and resources. The more powerful group use their power in order to

exploit groups with less power. In the late 19th century, many residents of the major urban areas

of the United States found themselves suddenly awakening to the fact that people were living out

of cardboard boxes, sleeping over heating grates, or living in their vehicles. Seeing sleeping, and

prostrate people in bus, and train stations was shocking, and being asked for change by groups of

people who looked like beggars. For the first time since the Great Depression, homelessness

remerged in the United States as a social Problem (Nunez & Fox, 1999, p-290).
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In the late 1980s most Americans assumed that everyone on the streets who looked

unkempt or confused was homeless. There are different types of people like labours, and

intelligent required for any country, and any society to full fill their needs. The labour market is

very important for any country to support economy of that country. People who are working as a

labour when they lost their job at that time they have to migrate another part of country, or

province in search of new job at that time we can consider them as homeless. As per conflict

perspective there are two groups, one is capitalist who have factories, and other labours who

work in the factories and earn money to full fill their family need. Here capitalist who have

power and position so they don’t have to move anywhere, and they will never homeless on the

other hand labours who have neither power nor position so they have to suffer and they may be

homeless during their life (Shier, Jones & Graham, 2012, p-29).

Economic capital means regular income, and wealth that any person, or family

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