Ronald Reagan's Career In Early Life

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Ronald Reagan was not the president that you would expect do to his career in early life. He was one that you would not be able to take situations serious. His career in his young life may of been what had made him the best president of the United States. Even though he chose a career in acting, Ronald Reagan used his life experiences and communication skills in becoming one of the greatest president of our time.
Ronald Wilson Reagan was born February 6, 1911. Unfortunately he did not come from a very rich family. Reagan and his family lived in a apartment that lacked in indoor sewage and plumbing. His hometown was a small town in Illinois called Tampico. His father was Edward Jack a salesman and his mother was Nelle Reagan.
Ronald Reagan
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Jane Wyman was an actor also. With Jane they had one kid. Maureen was her name.
Reagan loved his kids but wasn 't close with them like usual parents.
Ronald Reagan 's second marriage was more successful. In 1945 he married Nancy Davis.
Ronald and Nancy had two children together. In 1952 they had their first kid together her name was Patricia Ann Reagan. Also 1958 they had another one but this one was a boy named Ronald Prescott. All of Ronald Reagan 's kids said he was a mysterious dad but loved him alot.
The Hollywood years for Reagan made him famous . Reagan appeared in more than fifty movies (Feinstein, 2006). Win one for the Gripper Kings Row is one Reagan 's famous line. This line came from the movie “Knute Rockne All American”. Being an actor he always had such a sense of humor. Reagan was in so many movies that he had started getting them mixed
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On March 30, 1981 John Hinckley Jr. with psychiatric problems attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan. John Hinckley Jr. was not luck in trying to assassinate Ronald Reagan. The gunman pierced one of Reagan 's lungs and narrowly missed his heart.Ronald Reagan with his great humor and nature told his wife after he was shot “Honey I forgot to duck.”
After Ronald Reagan had returned to work he promised to balance the budget. When he tried to balance the budget politics led to a growth. In 1987 the inflation started to creep again.
In 1987 the stock market was on the rise also. The stock was rising so high that it has reached record highs. In 1987 the economic crash did not cause the same widespread panic and poverty as there was in the Depression of 1930’s.
Ronald Reagan did have achievements of foreign affairs in 1946-1991. Reagan announces Strategic Defense Initiative to develop weapons to protect. America from the Soviet nuclear missiles.
During his Second term Reagan Forced diplomatic relationships with the Soviet

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