Romeo And Juliet Tragic Hero Research Paper

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In a tragedy, the tragic hero is the protagonist that the author uses to give his/ her point of view on the inappropriate tendencies of humans. The tragic hero ultimately causes his own suffering because of basic human characteristics, but through the hero’s defeat, humanity is validated and is proved to have a better outlook. Three main theories of the tragic hero are the Aristotelian model, the Shakespearean model, and the modern tragic hero. Each model has five defining characteristics, which are nobility, hamartia, downfall, anagnorisis, and suffering. In the Shakespearean mode of tragedy, the play of Romeo and Juliet works best for modeling the tragic hero. For example, nobility was used often to describe the upper class. Romeo is the perfect tragic hero because he is the heir of the famous Montagues and he has a somewhat innocent and kind nature. However, Romeo does have a dangerous issue that, in the end, is the cause of his …show more content…
However, during the Civil War he began to lose power in the South. Although, many people at the time considered Lincoln to be a mediocre president, he went down in history as the president that helped to abolish slavery. People will always remember what Lincoln accomplished as president. He was a man who cared a lot for his country and it showed through his everyday actions. His life was full of ups and downs which makes him a perfect example of a tragic hero. Many people appreciated the attitude of their loyal president however, one person’s mistake caused heartache for the entire country. So in the end, Abraham Lincoln’s tragic flaw appeared to be his kind nature. He wasn't a very careful person and had a lot of faith in his country. However, not everyone has the same humane nature. There are wicked people in this world. This was proved April 15th, 1865 when John Wilkes Booth assassinated beloved president, Abraham

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