Romeo And Juliet : The Tragedy Of Identity Essay

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Romeo and Juliet: The Tragedy of Identity

Identity is a distinctive part of every human being, and is initially formed at the very beginning of one’s life by their name, and further molded by their surroundings. People frequently try to change their identity into an alternate, or seemingly “better” one. Doing this, however, can lead to devastating consequences. Such is the case of the doomed lovers in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Characters in the play rebel against their identities, by pushing through boundaries and tearing away labels and stereotypes, in order to achieve the things they desire. When they finally break away from those identities, conflicts arise. These new battles ultimately end in calamity. The characters in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet are used to illustrate that when one tries to force change on their identity, the result is conflict, which ultimately leads to tragedy.

In Romeo and Juliet, a number of the characters undergo changes in their identities in order to achieve what they desire. Juliet goes against old Capulet’s solemn will, and thereby breaks out of the gender identity which states that women must allow their fathers to control them. After being told that she will be wed to Paris, Juliet is adamant that the County “shall not make [Juliet] there a joyful bride” (3.5.117). This exhibits her rebellion against her father’s bidding according to her desire to be ‘unstain’d’ (4.1.88) for her husband. She is pushing away…

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