Romeo And Juliet Nurse Character Analysis

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Juliet’s nurse, known as the character “Nurse” in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, plays a vital role as a secondary character in relation to the events of the famed Shakespearean play. She is close to the heart of tragedy as a trusted friend and advisor to a young and fragile Juliet Capulet, her footsteps imprinted on the dark stairwell that spiraled into a catastrophic end. Nurse’s lack of responsibility over her charge, a pitiful absence of foresight to consequence, and her dangerously casual attitude concerning Juliet’s passions combine to impress on this perhaps otherwise preventable tragedy.
The nurse is Juliet’s main caregiver and is close enough to hear her confidence (seen in Act 1, Scene 3, lines 9-11 of Romeo and Juliet), yet does not balance this relationship with the required position of responsibility. She is allowed, by her oblivion to the future, to have granted acquaintance of names between the fated pair of Romeo and Juliet after their enflaming first meeting (Act 1, Scene 5, lines 110-117
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Next to this disregard for evident actions of reckless devotion, the bloodshed leads to the banishment of Romeo, which causes the nurse to readily support Juliet’s marriage to Paris, though Juliet has rejected him (Act 3, Scene 5, lines 214-226). This breaks a vital bridge of openness with Nurse, as Juliet feels betrayed at this quick transfer of preference for whom she should belong with (Act 3, Scene 5, lines 236-243). The window to see Juliet’s true feelings and plans now shattered and boarded over, the nurse is left to be deceived, and soon finds the falsely dead Juliet, the impressive facade lasting a short time before fate truly takes her over (Lines

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