Romeo And Juliet Moral Decisions Essay

Romeo and Juliet

In Romeo and Juliet many decisions made by the characters result in the death of two young lovers. Romeo, Juliet, and Friar Lawrence make some questionable decisions throughout the play. Juliet decides to get married too quickly, Romeo kills Tybalt, and Friar plans Juliet’s death too suddenly. If even just one choice was different than the play would have ended differently and more characters could have survived. The hasty decisions from Romeo and Juliet result in their tragedy. For example, they decide to get married so quickly. When Romeo is talking to the Friar about marrying Juliet and him, the Friar states, “Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.”(2.3.94.) The Friar is explaining the slow thought out decisions
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Mercutio is there instead and Tybalt and him get into an argument and begin to sword fight. Romeo then tries to separate to two, but gets in the way and Tybalt kills Mercutio. After Mercutio is killed, Romeo immediately goes after Tybalt even though minutes ago, he was telling Tybalt, that he loves him more than he knows.(3.1.59.) Romeo acts without thinking and kills Tybalt, which results in numerous outcomes that lead to his death. After the prince learns what happened to Tybalt he states, “ And for that offense, immediately we do exile him hence.” (3.1.184-185.) For slaying Tybalt, Romeo gets exiled and has to leave, making his relationship with Juliet harder to keep than it was before and causing himself and Juliet agony. It causes Juliet to become depressed, making her father believe that only marriage will make her happy again. When Romeo is crying on the ground after he finds out his is exiled, Friar states to him, “ Wilt thou slay thyself? And slay thy lady that in thy life lives.”(3.3.116-117.) The Friar is saying to Romeo that if he kills himself, Juliet will kill herself too, which later they prove to be true. If Romeo had not killed Tybalt, than he would have been closer to Juliet and would not have been so gloomy. Juliet and he could have lived a secret relationship until they were ready to tell their families that they loved each other. Slaying Tybalt causes their marriage to struggle and helps …show more content…
Juliet takes this news to the Friar in search of some assistants to get out of the marriage. The Friar’s quick plan to fake Juliet’s death helps lead to the death of two young lovers. After the Juliet comes to the Friar for help he states, “Shall Romeo by my letters know our drift.” (4.1.114.) The Friar is going to tell Romeo the plan that will happen in about two days. If they took some time to think about what could happen if the letter didn’t reach Romeo in time, he would be alive. Juliet and the Friar could have thought of something better or took some time to make sure Romeo got the letter before they faked her death. After Capulet’s talk with Juliet, he decides to move to wedding up one day.(4.2.37.) Capulet moves the wedding up a day, causing the Friar's plan to also move up. This makes it harder to get the letter to Romeo, because they need to inform him a day sooner than planned or he will be confused on what is going on with his wife. All of these rapid choices end with miscommunication to Romeo and no happy ending for the married couple. The characters in this tragedy determine the outcome of Romeo and Juliet. If they had stopped and thought about the future consequences of their choices, then the two characters would still be alive. Juliet could have waited to marry Romeo, Romeo could have calmed down before he talked to Tybalt, and the Friar could have planned Juliet’s death

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