Rome Vs. Britanni Boudicca 's Rebellion Essay

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Rome vs. Britannia: Boudicca’s Rebellion Interest in Britanna, a land cluttered with conflicted Celtic tribes, sparked in the first century BC by the Romans Julius Caesar began the quest to control Britannia which continued years later with Claudious and Nero. Under Claudious’ rule Rome would again invade Britannia, but this time a beast would be awakened in the process. Rome, under Nero, faced a rebellion led by one of the most vicious leaders it would ever face: Boudicca. Fighting to avenge her family and her people, Boudicca waged war on Rome and anyone who dared to stand in her path.
It was not until Rome invaded Britannia that either peoples had an interest in the other. Since the Romans knew very little of the Britons and their land, Caesar’s first task was something of a reconnaissance mission. He desired intelligence that could possibly help him defeat the Britons. While the information his people managed to gather was scarce, Caesar decided to proceed with the mission, and invade Britannia. In 55 BC Caesar launched his first attack against the Britons. Taking such a risk with little means of strategy isn’t something many leaders do for no reason; his motivation surely came from somewhere. (Pegasus)
Caesar’s eagerness to take Britannia dates back to the most previous Roman conquest: Gaul. Punishing them for sending warriors to support Gaul during its battle against Rome, Caesar intended to force the Britons to respect the Roman Empire. The amount of…

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