Rome : The City Of Achievements Essay

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Rome was the city of achievements. Rome had skilled engineers of the ancient world. Though, Rome had been in debt to the Greeks by adapting to many of their skills Rome surpassed by building better buildings also along with the creation of new inventions like “concrete”. During the Roman Anarchy, Rome fell under the rule of the Etruscan king. Rome gained to the writing skills brought up by the Etruscan. Also, adding to this, Rome adapted to building Greek style temples through the Etruscans reign. Roman architecture had comprised dome, arches, barrel, vaults, and cross vaults. In Rome’s existence, some of the greatest architecture were built such as the Pont du Gard Aqueducts, Pantheon, Imperial Cult and to name another the Basilica. Therefore, Rome was a rich city full of great industrial buildings and architectures.
Particularly, Rome’s greatness started out when Rome was ruled by the Etruscan king. During this time the king of Rome built Greek style temples. Greek style temples were built in Rome in which allowed Romans to learn different languages. Rulers who ruled after the Etruscan king later introduced some of the greatest Roman architecture and engineers of the ancient West. During the first emperor Augustus of Rome, the country was introduced to the Golden Age known as the Pax Romana. During his reign Romans, had built the Imperial Cult which was a worship place where Romans would pray to many gods that architectural building…

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