Essay on Roman Empire and Nero

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Explain the role and contribution of Seneca to the reign of Nero

Seneca was the personal advisor of Nero during his reign. He was a stoic philosopher who played a vital role in the running of the empire. Seneca contributed in many aspects of Nero’s reign by introducing reforms, bringing stoicism into practice and playing a key role in the senate. Seneca aided in important decision-making. He led Nero down an appropriate path, particularly when Nero became extremely erratic. He served Nero well and made an excellent contribution during his reign.

Seneca understood the problems of Rome so he was able to introduce reforms, which benefited the people. He made conditions for slaves more humane, introduced fiscal reform and introduced a
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Stoicism influenced the writing of Seneca for Nero as he wrote “on clemency” which encouraged Nero to rule leniently. Stoicism is particularly shown as he writes “…worthy to do the work of the gods upon the earth” It is known that the Roman’s were very religious, so to do the work of the gods would be seen as ethically and morally right to Seneca. These traits are one of the beliefs of Stoicism, reflecting his influence. This contributed to Nero’s reign as it meant that Nero came across as a self-controlled, morally right stoic man who would run the empire leniently and satisfy the people of Rome. Satisfied Romans meant that they would continue to give their support to Nero during his reign.

Seneca worked efficiently with the senate allowing Nero to remain popular within the senate. A key role that Seneca played was to ensure that the Neronian government had good relations with the senate. He did this very effectively. This was an excellent contribution to his reign as it allowed Nero to remain popular within the senate, as well as with the people. Remaining popular among Rome meant that he had the support of its people and could continue to rule effectively with Seneca by his side. Seneca’s influence was particularly shown as he wrote the speech Nero gave where he declared his administration for the senate and his desire that they resume their ancient function. Seneca’s successful speeches helped contribute to the healthy relationship between Nero and the senate as

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