Roman Empire : A Long History Essay examples

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Roman has a long history in the world. We know that the history of Rome can consist of three periods: Monarchy, Republic and Empire. Different times have the different style of art. Roman Empire in the history of the world is also brilliant. The Empire of Rome after several wars of aggression, Empire established across the three continents of the Eurasian Empire, sea, land smoothly, arranged in a crisscross pattern not only promoted the development of trade links, but also conducive to the transmission of information, and the army redeployment, so some people say,“all roads lead to Rome.” The emperor of the Roman Empire played an important role in it. There are a lot of images of the Roman emperor. According to the reading, the author of Strong, D. and Stewart, Peter, they are discussing the creation of portraits of the Roman emperor from the diverse angles, they especially focus on the Prima Porta Augustus statue. Strong. D discussed the details of the statue. Stewart. Peter described the role of the portrait of the emperor in Rome. In my opinion, I believe that the best way to depict the work of art is not only telling us the image’s detail, but also the effect of the statue.
The author of Strong.D, discussed more detail about Augustus. He pointed out the bright and clear eyes, small teeth, the yellowish and rather curly of hair, the eyebrows and ear of this statue. And he talked about the height of the statue is perfectly and symmetrical. On the other hand, he discussed…

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