Roman Culture In Campania And Etruria

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This essay will examine the different ways in which Roman culture is detectable archaeological throughout the landscapes of both Campania and Etruria. Through the different archaeological, techniques epigraphy, ground surveys, Roman architecture and excavation we will discover that Roman empire was busying itself and expanding it influence. For this discussion, one will look at Pompeii in Campania, Cosa in South Etruria and Volaterrae in North Etruria and will find that there is a difference in Romann attitudes between the regions. And in development of these areas.
Archaeological finds at both Etruria and Campania, show that Roman roads stretched far and wide and wherever there is a Roman road, there were Romans advancing into new areas of Etruria and Campania. The roads were connected to villages and cities of both Etruria and Campania. Once there the Romans would expand their culture and influence throughout the landscapes to ensure the alliance with the Roman empire.
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However, vision or not the people of Etruria and Campania, where slowly being brought into the Roman way of thinking and eventually were assimilated.
The most impressive archaeological find in Campania, was Pompeii. It was an archaeological preserved city due to the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, which preserved both the inhabitants and their city. Here archaeological evidence is abundant. This evidence tells its own story about the city and in turn reveals the Roman culture, and influences were

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