Essay On Roman Civilization

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Lucas Verdeja
Period 6

Originally a small village in the 8th century B.C, the Roman civilization will develop into a large empire spanning the Mediterranean Sea. First a republic lead by the Roman Senate it would later develop into an empire under Julius Ceasar where it reached its greatest extent. At its territorial height, the great Roman Empire stretched from Iberia all the way to Levant and from the British isles to Egypt. Many people claim that the roman civilization was possibly one of the greatest in all time alongside the greek civilization. Not until recently have human progress caught up to the greatness shown during roman times. Great leaps of progress were made during the roman republic and empire. Progress was made in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, literature, arts, architecture, and countless others. Even today in modern times western civilization still strives to reach the grandeur of the great Roman Civilization. We can see this especially in the French, British, and American civilization. In
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Arches were arguably the greatest invention refined by the Romans. The purpose of the arch is to redistribute the weight evenly across the entire structure. Arches were able to withstand immense amounts of weight due to the roman discovery of concrete. The Roman Arch was incredibly important in their society as the building of Aqueducts included the figure of an Arch. The refined Roman Arch is the most lasting and distinguishing factor of Roman Architecture which has even been included in architecture around the world today. You can see the use of arches around the world in places ranging from St. Louis, Missouri all the way to Paris, France. Some of the more we 'll known structures with arches are: the colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Norte dame cathedral, and the Sistine

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