Ancient Roman Architecture Achievements

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Rome was the city of achievements. Rome had skilled engineers of the ancient world. Though, Rome had been in debt to the Greeks by adapting to many of their skills Rome surpassed by building better buildings also along with the creation of new inventions like “concrete”. During the Roman Anarchy, Rome fell under the rule of the Etruscan king. Rome gained to the writing skills brought up by the Etruscan. Also, adding to this, Rome adapted to building Greek style temples through the Etruscans reign. Roman architecture had comprised dome, arches, barrel, vaults, and cross vaults. In Rome’s existence, some of the greatest architecture were built such as the Pont du Gard Aqueducts, Pantheon, Imperial Cult and to name another the Basilica. Therefore, Rome was a rich city full of great industrial buildings and architectures.
Particularly, Rome’s greatness started out when Rome was ruled by the Etruscan king. During this
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Regarding Roman architectures and engineers Roman Pantheon brought interior designs such as the Oculus that allowed light to shine into the Pantheon. Romans also had arts that adorned the buildings. Unique pieces of arts were often mosaic some were frescos. The Romans appraised their arts. In the architectural built mosaics or amphitheaters and columns were built to hold their history. Some mosaics that Romans adorned were entitled “Cave Canem.” With the major structures, they built rooms that filled the walls and floor with beautiful mosaics such as mosaics from Fannius Synistor “Room M”. Romans also had fresco paintings which were accustomed in the Villa of mystery of Pompeii. Romans valued their structures. Their architectural structures and engineers allowed modern era civilization to understand the history of buildings. The buildings left was another way government buildings have a replication of Roman techniques like the dome and

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