Essay about Roman And Of The Roman Tribune

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A roman tribune, also known as a Roman Tribunus in Latin, is elected as a chief officer chosen by the people to protect them from any oppression from the patricians. Roman Tribunes were six of the most senior in the legions. These Roman soldiers were usually ranked above the centurions. In modern times, these roman soldiers are just about the equivalent to law enforcements in our time, and they protected the citizens from oppression. There were three ranks; Tribune, Tribunus Cohortis, and Tribunus Cohortis Urbanae. A Tribune was usually a young senator that was still learning the basics of the career. A Cohortis was a commander of the Conhor military unit. A Cohortis Urbanae was known as the Urban cohort commander. Three tribes, Ramnes, Luceres, and Tities, would have at least one roman tribune in their legion (in the time of Polybius, there would be six of them in each tribe). No one couldn’t be eligible for such a high position as a roman tribune unless that said person had already served ten years in the infantry, or they had served five years in the cavalry. Their clothing was common to basic armor covering their bodies, but some higher ranks may have to wear more heavier armor at that time. They wore a breastplate, also known as the Cuirass, to defensively cover their torso. They were equipped with weapons, such as swords and shields, at all times in case of any attacks. These Roman soldiers have been around B.C. during the days of the Roman Empire. In Shakespeare’s…

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