Roles of United Nations in Maintenance of Peace and Security Essay

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In the United Nations charter for maintenance of international peace and security, the Security Council has primary responsibility to play in that. It is for Security Council to determine when and where a UN peacekeeping operation should be deployed.
The Security Council response to crises around the world on a case by case basis and it has a range of options at its disposal. It takes many different factors into accounts considering the establishment of new peace operation including: i. whether there is a ceasefire in place and the parties have committed themselves to a peace process intended to reach a political settlement ii. Whether a clear political goal exists and whether it can be reflected in the mandate iii.
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The resolutions of conflict depend on contact, discussion and negotiation. The UN has been most useful as an informal meeting ground. The permanent delegates of the member-states have the opportunity to meet an obtrusively, without embarrassing publicity and initial talks on issues dividing their countries. On numerous occasions those who held the office of secretary general used their influence to promote solutions and assist in the settlement of disputes when all other avenues seemed closed, as in the case when Koffi Anan led mediation talks to solve kenya’s 2007 Post-election violence.

It remains one of the highest objective of the UN. In today’s world, prevention action extends well beyond additional preventive diplomacy to involve a broad constellation of UN entities working across a wide range of disciplines. Poverty eradication and development , human rights, and the rule of law elections and building of democratic institutions and the control of small arms , to name but a few.
When women a minority of combatants and perpetrators of war, they increasingly suffer the greatest arm, the UN security council recognize that including gender and women perspectives in decision making can strengthen prospects for sustainable peace in the unanimous adoption of resolutions on women , peace and security. The landmark resolution specifically

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