Essay on Roles Of A Defense Attorney

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The role of any attorney can be viewed in three parts: as a participant of the legal business, a delegate for clients and also an everyday civic resident of their community. Although it may seem as if the responsibilities amongst attorneys are equally distributed across the board, I feel that the role of a defense attorney at times can seem a bit more problematic. Discretion within any profession whether it is Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, Correctional Officers and or Judges can affect the moral principles and ethics of any person when having to make a decision. The responsibility of a Defense attorney is highly vital to any case or any client. I am going to discuss the role of a defense attorney and what the responsibilities consist of. Also I will cover ethical issues found when having to use discretion during case or while handling business for a client. The use of discretion can conflict with moral principles at times and one will have to determine these principles are being violated or not. It is the defense attorney’s position to ensure that due process is awarded to any and every client that they assist. Due process rights are those that must be awarded to any client and or defendant regardless of their case. These rights are to safeguard individuals from being taken advantage of by the Judicial system, it limits the power of the legal system until a fair decision or verdict is rendered. At times majority of defense attorneys know without the shadow of a…

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