Forensic Report

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.1. Introduction:
Forensic Science: Forensic may be defined as the Application of Science to law. This is the application of Scientific methods to decide questions arising from crime or litigation. In forensic science, the DNA properties are used in investigation to include a suspect or exclude a suspect from a criminal case like rape, assault even from small drops of semen, blood, or small pieces of hair, nails, etc. In forensic analysis certain regions of DNA are analyzed and respective databases were created and saved in order to compare the victim’s and suspected one’s to find the guilty. Here is a description about Roles and Importance of Forensic Biology Expert in Investigation.

1.2. Definitions of:
1.2.1. Forensic Scientist: A forensic
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It is the biologist who has to analyze the biologist material exhibit starting from a micro organism to a higher plant or an animal and also their parts and products. From the skeletal remains, a biologist has to determine the sex, origin, stature, and age of the deceased. He is to identify from the skull by using superimposition method and thereby help the investigating authority in coming to a conclusion with the regard to a particular crime. In case of a suspected death case, the biologist is to ascertain the cause of death. He is also to analyze various poisonous plant material in cases where plant poison is administered in the commission of …show more content…
By listening to the entire evidences and also by his own analysis of the sample in the lab, the expert investigator has to present a report of his findings and conclusion. The report must be such that both the parties must accept his findings. If it was accepted the evident report will be read out at the court. If there is any denial by the defendant or some questions about the report are raised, then an independent report may be commissioned. By taking the suggestions of the counsel the report may be prepared on his or her own interpretations and findings by being unbiased. When the report is given, there may be many objections and people may irritate the forensic investigators. At this time he has to be more patient. Even the interferences of the judge and jury in the trials and reports may be to the maximum extent, but a forensic scientist or witness must be true to his conscious in writing the

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