Role Of Non Governmental Organizations During International Affairs And Public Diplomacy

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This advisory opinion will elaborate on the role that Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play in international affairs and public diplomacy.
First, it provides an understanding of the definition of NGOs. Second, it elaborates on the emergence of international norms from NGOs, by providing one of the earliest examples of raising awareness and encouraging debate on the issue of slavery. Second, it provides further evidence of how NGOs formulate international norms by bringing issues such as that of the use of land mines to international attention and encourage the creation of standards and practices surrounding the particular issue. Third, it expands on the role NGOs play in monitoring international norms and channeling foreign aid to intended beneficiaries. In the end, the advisory opinion provides a general conclusion in support of Humanity International’s efforts to obtain consultative status at the ECOSOC as an NGO.
Despite a lack of consensus in what the term “NGO” encompasses, this advisory opinion is put together through the following understanding of the term: an NGO is a non profit organization, association or foundation established to serve a framework of specific targets in the quest of serving the public interest, or the common interest of a specific group. From protection of the human rights, to the environmental and health impacts of ozone depletion, to ethnic clashes resulting from diamond trade, to improving the position of women in society, or to patent…

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