Role Of Media Politics : The Role Of Media And Politics Essay

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Role of media in politics
The relationship of Media and politics is tense in an active democracy. Both have a cooperative relationship, although their missions are different. Political powers go to the public to encourage their actions, to campaign for their thinking and specially try to fulfil their expectations. Media report to to the public about politics and take control over the politicians when they do not perform their duties. Media and politics are essential to each other and they get assistance from each other. Politicians can find a way to live away from people if the media does not perform their responsibilities. Both of them should be live conscious of their functions. Communications of politicians to the public should be correctly because creating only strategy without action is not enough because they need trusts. Politicians who are aware with the rules of media and also know how to implement them, would live as politicians and get success in majorities. It becomes serious when politicians attempt to tease a media head, to instrumentalize media and also to control them. Media is called as overseer and helpful at this stage. Free and independent media are necessary the accomplishment of this task. The rank and range of media are dynamic for the superiority of the democratic public for the reason that the level of citizens’ attentiveness and the public views are mostly formed by the media. It is important to make sure press freedom and transparent media…

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