Role Of Media In The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was different than any other war before. This was the first time ever that media coverage played a part in the war. It was fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The U.S. ended up getting involved to prevent the spread of communism to South Vietnam. This was a very controversial decision and many thought we had no reason to be there. It ended up being one of the deadliest wars we have ever been a part of. The role of media played a huge role in the Vietnam War and what I believe lost us the war. The stories and images seen on T.V. and seen in magazines from that time that were released affected Americans opinions negatively about the war going on and contributed to the withdrawal of troops.
In prior wars before,
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In 1965 CBS showed marines burning huts in the village of Cam Ne. “It was one of the first broadcast news reports to present the U.S. military in a negative light.” Also, every night millions of American viewers would tune into the “Big Three” network newscasts to hear their 15 to 30 minutes of news about the war. The television news was not as powerful as they tried staying away from violent scenes taking place. The news just ended up serving as a constant reminder of all the fallen soldiers that have lost their life in …show more content…
If the opinion before all the media coverage was relatively positive towards war and then after all the exposure from the media it was negative it’s easy to conclude the media caused the withdrawal. The shocking images and videos that they displayed to American citizens were very powerful and could cause mostly any person to have negative thoughts towards war. Without the freedom of the press I believe that the U.S. wouldn’t have withdrew from the war. The whole outcome of the war could have been different from what we know today if the media did not have the freedom of press.
As you can see, the media played a huge role in the Vietnam War. It was the first time in history there was freedom of the press when it came to wars. From magazines to news broadcast, the war was shown how it actually was. It played such a huge role that it ended up forcing the withdrawal of troops and losing the

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