Role Of Loneliness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men

In the story of mice and men, loneliness plays a major role in the way the story is told. George is just one, of the lonely characters in the story where loneliness impacts his life dramatically. Curley’s wife is also a very lonely person who has no one to talk to except for her husband who is always working and doesn’t care about her. While these characters have at least one person in their life to be with, Crooks has no one which is why in my opinion, he is the loneliest person out of all of them. The characters of mice and men show that loneliness is a problem that must be overcome in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. George lives an unhappy and terrible life because of his loneliness. “…I can get along so easily and so nice if I didn’t have you on my tail…”(Steinbeck 7). This shows that George is lonely and he
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“And scattered about the floor were a number of possessions; for being alone, Crooks could leave his things about”(66). You can easily tell from this quote that Crooks is a very lonely person. “…why ain’t you wanted’ Lennie asked ‘cause I’m black…”(68). Crooks is not allowed in the bunk house because of racism so he sits alone in the barn. “…had his bunk in the stable barn…”(66). Crooks lives in the barn because none of the other men want him in the bunk house. In the story of mice and men the characters show that loneliness causes a huge problem that must be overcome for them to fulfill their life. George is the first of these characters that come to mind when you talk about loneliness. Curley’s wife is next, all she has is Curley who doesn’t even care about her. While both of these characters have at least someone in their lives, Crooks has nobody. I think that this story shows that loneliness can really affect a person’s life and in most cases even ruin it but even just one person in your life can make life so much

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