Role Of Csr For Tribal Handicrafts Of Jharkhand Essay

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Role of CSR in supporting tribal handicrafts of Jharkhand Gaitri Kumari*
CSR projects act as a tool of skill development for tribal artisans in Jharkhand. A lot of big corporate houses are funding the artisans to promote the local economy and art. The study revolves around how actively the corporates like Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. and Tata Steel Ltd. are involved in the promotion of tribal handicrafts. This study also investigates the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects implemented by Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. and Tata Steel Ltd. in the promotion of tribal handicrafts in Jharkhand. This study also critically compares the CSR initiatives adopted by Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. and Tata Steel Ltd. in light of promotion of tribal handicrafts. The data analysis is based on auditor 's annual report and CSR reports of respective corporate houses. Corporate houses are contributing towards promoting the socio-economic development of the local communities with the focus on women artisans. It should be noticed that this way of promoting art could also be used by other CSR initiatives to change the lives of the disadvantaged sections of society.
Keywords: Handicraft, CSR, Promotion, Skill development, Marketing, Tribal

In India it has been observed since ancient time that people used to donate their wealth voluntarily to help the underprivileged. The Moughal Emperor Mhod. Akbar used to do some Social activities like planting trees and…

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