Role and Function of Law Essay

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Role and Functions of Law
June 27, 2013

Role and Functions of Law The law of the land to some may seem unfair and unjust. Surely there are those that think that wearing a seatbelt should be a choice and not a law. However the law in fact is put in place not only to correct criminal, or dishonest behavior, but also to protect. In today’s society often times the cure for any type of wrong doing is to sue; it seems that people use suing as a means of getting what they oftentimes feel is monetarily due to them for any type of discomfort or injustice. In the business world tough decisions regarding employment regulatory compliance, even interoffice regulations are decided on every day.
The Law in Business In the business
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For a more thorough knowledge and understanding of the law, business owners will oftentimes seek the assistance of a practicing attorney, often referred to as council in the business world. Attorneys advise business owners on issues related to labor and employment law, agency compliance, legal transactions, and intellectual property. (Melvin, 2011) Council are often most helpful in preventing law suits against the business by applying not only the knowledge of the law in general, but also provide the tools of research that the business can use when issues arise. In the event that a situation with a labor dispute or contract resolution occurs council can more effectively provide the business with results from previous cases that may have had similar ramifications that will assist in the resolution of the current issues at hand.
Henderson Glass The functions and role of law at Henderson Glass have been of a workers compensation aspect with regards to the installers that are employed with the company. The role of the installer within the company is very physical in nature as various types of glass including residential, commercial and auto that are oftentimes cumbersome and heavy. Workers often sustain injuries on the job which makes the employer responsible for the treatment of the employee, and continue to pay wages to the employee during the time of injury. As one can imagine the

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