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A Memo to Vice president – Zach Evans urging him not to close the fitness centre.

Our management built the fitness centre in the headquarters complex as it considered exercise to be an important benefit to offer its employees. It also touted the fitness centre as a major draw for young employees, especially because of the remote location of the headquarters. Your proposal to close the fitness centre is misplaced as it violates the crux of our company belief and threatens to thwart the moral spirit of our employees.
The fitness centre has benefitted many of our employees and as people see benefits, more will start using it. I use the fitness centre regularly and I feel an increase in my energy and productivity. I recommended the
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Most of our competitors do not have a fitness centre and the fact that we have one is one of the major differentiator for new hires in their decision. Drawing talented young people to work in our organisation is one of our top priorities to realize our growth ambitions. It would also help us attract the best of talents from our competitors who would bring with them, some of their loyal clients which would directly impact our revenues positively.
Having a fully functioning fitness centre would also bring down our attrition rate, thereby saving us a chunk of talent scouting costs. As we embark on our ambition to achieve an exponential growth rate, growing from a 250+ company to a 1000+ company in the near future, the utility rate of the fitness centre is only going to increase. This increase in utility of the centre would completely justify its maintenance costs. It is the people who make an organisation and having healthy, talented people in our organisation brings a lot of intangible benefits to our organisation and would go a long way in defining our culture and values. Bringing in new talented people would also improve the competitiveness of the existing employees. Apart from indirect monetary benefits of having a completely functioning fitness centre, there are also intangible benefits that could make or break an organisation. These intangibles define an organisation and makes it stand apart from its peers.
I suggest that the wellness program that

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