Rock N Roll Research Paper

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Let me get started by saying that music is a wonderful thing. Music opens many windows to people and make you accomplish tasks that you thought you couldn’t do. Music comes in many variations from being sad, happy, or angry. Also music has been with humans for as long as I can remember. In 700 B.C vocals were added to the music they had and that took a different road and developed music much more than what they knew. Fast forwarding to the 1940s and 1950s the music industry started to grow and rise due to a new genre invented called “ Rock N Roll”. It all first started it in the late 1940s during World War II, Chicago, Memphis, New York, St. Louis and many, many more cities were some of the first to present rock n roll. This certain genre became …show more content…
Also many artists were competing into becoming the best because many singers made good song, then over the time lose popularity and another singer releases his song and that becomes the number one hit, so they had to step up their game and this made many singers to be known in the music industry. Jimi Hendrix or the best guitar player that ever existed was one of the people to make the genre known. Another person to make it popular was Elvis Presley. Presley came with a different tone to the industry and that helped Presley to become famous around the world. Rock n Roll moved from the US to England to bring worldwide this helped even more new singers to become known now that the genre is known worldwide. By the time the war ended people spent their extra money on music and going to some of the singers concerts. In the 1950s, there was a high demand in electric guitars for rock n roll. Another genre that also gains popularity was country music in the late 1950s. The honky-tonk style dominated country music with songs of heartbreak, loneliness and

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