Rock And Roll History Essay

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Where did that come from? The history of Rock and Roll can be traced back to the first part of the 20th century. Although the specific lineage is clouded in a purple haze, it is an undeniable link. In one part of the country, mountain music, known as hillbilly music, was working its way out of the Catskill mountain range and into local record stores and radio stations. In the deep south, mostly around the Mississippi river delta, deals with the devil were being made to make blues the most popular type in the area. Both of the genres gave birth to modern rock and roll, but contributed in different ways. But how did these two distinct forms of music, with different lyrical styles, instrumentation, and styles converge and meld into what we know as rock and roll today? Country music was recorded by travelling promoters to sell to independent record labels. It had heroes like Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family. The blues, with artists like Robert Johnson and Charley Patton, were performed in local bars, taverns and pubs. People would congregate and listen to the artists moan about everyday problems that they could all relate to. Most records were available for both types of music, and they both slowly crept outside of their indigenous homes. With the advent of affordable radio, more exposure to both types of music became …show more content…
Bill Haley and the Comets had been made a splash, but did not really change the face of music. In 1955, a little known record label, recorded an artist that took some gospel, country, and blues, mashing them into a totally new sound, dubbed Rock-a-billy. That man is known as Little Richard and his song ‘Tutti Frutti’. With strange lyrics and onstage antics, Little Richard became the creator of rock and roll. But that title would not be held for long. The following year, Elvis Presley, who wanted to record a song for his mother, came in the studio and music changed

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