Robotic Surgery Research Paper

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Robotic Surgery
With the beginning of the 21st century new innovations have come forth slowly letting things be easier while creating things in many topics including the health care and engineering like robotic surgery. Robotic Surgery is a new method that performs a surgery using small tools attached to a robotic arms that the surgeon controls through a computer allowing the surgery to be completed with more precision, flexibility and control that sometimes isn 't normally possible. The surgery goes as following: the patient will be put under general anesthesia so the patient is pain free while in a sleep state, the surgeon sits at the computer station only a few feet away from the patient on the table directing the movements of the robot
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Now the robot system used to operate is the Da Vinci Surgical system that is used for minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery such as: cardiac surgery, colorectal surgery, general surgery, gynecologic surgery, head and neck surgery, thoracic surgery, and urologic surgery (Da Vinci Surgery). Across the United States, the use of a robot for surgery depends on many different factors being the physician’s training, equipment availability plus cultural factors like the comfortability of a patient and what a second opinion would look like and of course the value factors of the patient (Mayo clinic Staff). In recent history, robotic surgery has excelled in the past few years. According to Dr. David B. Samadi, the first documented use of a robot-assisted surgery occurred with the PUMA 560 robotic surgical arm that was used in a neurosurgical biopsy that was a non-laparoscopic surgery in …show more content…
Simultaneously, the operating room staff which normally includes at least a dozen people will be cut down to: one surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and one to two nurses allowing for less of a distraction for the surgeon (Bonsor, Strickland). In addition to less distraction and enhanced vision, precision, and control robot assisted surgery also have many advantages such as: fewer complications like infection of the surgical site, less pain and blood loss, a quicker recovery, and smaller, less noticeable scars (Pruthi). However, robot assisted surgery is atrocious because of the enhanced flexibility because if the surgeon does get alittle shaky or moves too quickly that they might not be used to it could possibly kill the patient by piercing something. In extension, other risks to robot assisted surgery include reactions to medication, breathing problems, bleeding, and infection (Zieve).
As to be seen, some might see robotic surgery like inoculation and not do it while others like the new way of looking at doing surgery in a more efficient way. Robotic surgery is the new method of performing a laparoscopic surgery while using instruments attached to the robotic arm along with a camera (Zieve). Rather than humanity be all for robotic surgery and robots shown in I, Robot, we should

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