Robert Sternberg 's Theory Of Intelligence Essay

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Robert Sternberg, a psychologist in North America who thought intelligence is usually giftedness was more just done well on test, rather in fact intelligence, he believed it relies upon your ability to adapt environment, shaping it in adjustment as necessary. Sternberg believes that intelligence is more than cognitively processes and the ability to acquire knowledge, but the contextual and experiential skills needed to succeed in life.
It came to his mind that the focus on specific types of measurable mental abilities was misleading out of place.
There are for example, that some people tend to do poor on intelligence test (like Robert Sternberg), but are creative on the streets which he called it “smart street” and therefore they had a good character to adapt the environment.
According to Sternberg (2003), giftedness should be examined in a way to incorporating other parts of intelligence.
Triarchic Theory of intelligence was formulated by Sternberg, a prominent figure in the research of human intelligence. The theory by itself was groundbreaking in that it was among the first to go against the psychometric approach to intelligence and take more cognitive approach. That is why Sternberg created a theory of three fundamental forms of intelligence: Practical Intelligence, Creative Intelligence, and Analytical intelligence.

Practical intelligence involves individuals applying their abilities to the kinds that confront them in your daily life. For example you learn…

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