Essay on Robert Of Robert And His Father

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Robert is a nine year old boy who lives with his parents and two sisters aged seven and five. Robert was referred by his parents due to difficulties at both home and school. His father requested he was interviewed before Robert. Robert’s interview was held a few months later. He was accompanied by his mother who presented as an anxious, serious and depressive person. Robert looks like his father and has inherited similar features and mannerisms. Robert was age appropriately dressed, very polite and smiling. Robert appeared to be in good health and was happy to discuss the badge he was wearing and what it represented. When Robert was born his father was away with the army. There were complications at birth and his mother was at the mercy of everyone. Robert was breast-fed and his father stated that Robert and his mother appeared to have a close bond. In Robert’s early years, Robert’s father was often away and his mother suffered bouts of depression. Robert’s mother felt unsupported and believes she could have done a better job in accommodating to Robert’s early needs. According to his parents, the younger two siblings received better care as infants than Robert did. In saying that, Robert has fond memories of playing in the garden with his mother when she was well. When Robert was six and his father was away, his mother became severely depressed. The whole family received support to cope with the mother’s depression. Consequently, the family moved to a new home,…

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