Robert Mcliam Wilson ' Sticks And Stones : The Irish Identity

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Robert McLiam Wilson was born February 24, 1964 in Belfast, Ireland. He published his first book called, Ripley Bogle, when he was 26, and Ripley Bogle is one of his most famous works. This novel won the the Hughes Prize, Rooney Prize, and the Irish Book Award. In the article “Sticks and Stones: The Irish Identity,” he is talks about himself and his real life experience and what he went through during that time. While racial prejudice and discrimination against people of color are universally condemned, Wilson argues that the insidious stereotyping of people, simply because of their cultural and ethnic heritage, is equally damaging.
Robert McLiam seems to want his character to find out what he truly is. In the story, he has a general understanding of what people think about him, but none of that matters because he is still trying to figure himself out. He says, when he was seventeen, he decided to be Jewish, but even with being, he still does not know if becoming Jewish will give him a full understanding of his identity or what he wants to become. The reason he starts the story describing himself is because he wants to know what are those characteristics that make up what he is. When he says, “Some say I 'm British, some say I 'm Irish, some even say that there 's no way I 'm five foot eleven and that I 'm five ten at best.” (wilson, 1997, para.4) this quote implies that he is not sure how to identify himself as. He explains that Irishness is a unique nationality according…

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